Freemasons have been meeting at Cole Court for many years. With ample parking, 3 Temples, 8 LOI Rooms, and 5 Dining Rooms, we are perfectly place to cope with a range of meetings and events at the same time. Our Bar is open from 9am onwards, with Lodge meetings going on through to 11pm.

If you would like to arrange a specific Masonic event please contact our staff on 0208 892 1131. If you are visiting for the first time, remember to ask a member of staff or a fellow brother the car park exit code which changes on a regular basis.

Booking your menu for your festive board has now been made easier buy our online booking system. We ask that you provide details of your Lodge/Chapter event at least 3 weeks in advance and any changes to your dining needs not latter that 72 hours before your meeting so we can properly prepare your orders.

Online Menu Ordering

Below you can find floor plans detailing locations of Temples, Dining Rooms, LOI Rooms, Grand Officer Robing Rooms, Robing Rooms and all rest rooms. Just for reference we have also included a list of our Regular Lodges that meet here.


3 Masonic

5 Dining


Lodge No.

Lodge Name


72 Royal Jubilee
255 Lodge of Harmony
708 Carnarvon
778 Bard of Avon
788 Crescent
865 Dalhousie & Call Sign
946 Strawberry Hill
1194 Villiers
1238 Gooch
1309 Acacia
1415 Campbell
1423 Era
1494 Felix
1503 Sir Francis Burdett
1512 Hemming
1691 Quadratic
1702 Middlesex Shooting Sports
1777 Royal Hanover
1793 Sir Charles Bright
2032 Richmond
2183 Royal Hampton Court
2523 Roll Call
2563 Justicia
2766 Putney
2902 St Clair
3309 Hamilton
3534 Alma
3940 Brent Valley
4278 Twickenham
4317 Cedars of Lebanon
4528 Teddington
4888 Heston
4900 Syenes
5193 Isleworth
5446 Clapham Park
5596 Ariel
5655 Parsifal
5746 United Friendship
5770 Ickenham
5836 Middlesex Home Service
5861 Alert
5931 Popesgrove
6185 Saint George
6191 Victory
6430 Osterley
6686 Putney Bridge
6698 Richmond Hill
7126 Votary
7151 Boston Manor
7222 Lest We Forget
7394 Syon
7404 West London and Electric
7445 Lodge of Air Unity
7553 Lodge of Reflection
7591 Berkeley
7731 Philip Bull and Motor Enthusiasts
7826 Sutton Court
7829 Temple of Twickenham
7974 Lodge of Fidelity
8084 Great Lights
8096 Barra Hall
8208 Wyke Green
8301 Round Table Lodge of Middlesex
8797 Artes et Scientiae
9261 Humanitas
9678 David Bonner
9940 Middlesex Armed Forces